Power Solutions


Through our integral engineering expertise we have the ability to customize any system to perfectly match customer’s requirements. MDI E&C Offers

  • Installation / commissioning and over hauling of LV & MV Switch Gear
  • LV cabling, trenching, ducting, joints and glands.
  • Generator inspection, servicing, load testing and synchronization
  • Preventive maintenance of all type of electrical equipment
  • Meggering of generator and alternator
  • Inspection of MV & HV transformer and Centrifugation of transformer
  • Serving and maintenance of MV VCB and SF6 CB
  • Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) installation and maintenance
  • Supply and Installation of Electrical panels
  • Electrical grounding and earthing system
  • Concealed and open wiring.
  • Supply and Installation of cable try.